Best of E3 2017

Hey guys and gals, E3 is done and dusted and now we’re all left with our post E3 depression. Now we have to wait until Gamescom in August before we hear anymore major gaming announcements. So instead of wallowing in these thoughts I’ve decided to compile a list of the games that I am most excited for, that were shown at this years E3.

ni no kuni

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom 

I loved the original Ni No Kuni so much, it was a totally amazing surprise that came out of nowhere for me. I spent countless hours exploring the charming world of Ni No Kuni, trying to collect every Familiar that I could find. Unfortunately it looks like the sequel wont have Familiars for us to collect and instead you’ll control a new cast of characters in a more real time battle system with the assistance of these creatures that look a lot like pikmin. I’m not too sure how I feel about this new gameplay style but I trust that level-5 will surprise us all and give us another beautiful and charming Ghibli like world.

days gone

Days Gone

When Sony first showed Days Gone last year, it looked like another Last of Us clone and I feel many of us had a bit of fatigue from zombie games; but at this years E3, Sony has completely shifted my opinion of the game. The gameplay trailer showed of the scale of this open world zombie game as well as the zombiefied animals including a zombie bear, that looked so awesome. The developer, Sony Bend also showed off the dynamic weather system that can dramatically change the world environment and with that drastically altering the gameplay. The new gameplay shown at E3 has made this game seem kind of like Horizon: Zero Dawn but instead of robot dinosaurs you’ll be fighting hordes of zombies. I am so excited to get my hands on this game and explore the dark world of Days Gone.


Super Mario Odyssey

I don’t care what the haters say, New Donk City looks amazing, seeing Mario amongst all the normal human looks so awesome. Mario Odyssey seems to have finally returned to the classic sandbox gameplay of Mario 64 and Mario sunshine. I can’t wait to totally get lost in all these new worlds and collect every  single thing and purchase all of Mario’s different outfits. The E3 trailer also showed Mario’s new ability to possess various creatures and objects such as a Goomba and even a dinosaur. I hope this game will be able to fill the void that the completely game changing Breath of the Wild has left in me. I believe Nintendo will definitely be able to reach the same level of quality that we saw in Breath of the Wild.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

I am one of the biggest Uncharted fans ever, I’ve loved every single one of the games and have played through them all many times, you just need to say the word Uncharted and I’ll immediately be excited for whatever it is (Fight for Fortune is an exception though). One of the biggest problems for Uncharted 4 though was the lack of Chloe in the game but Naughty Dog have redeemed themselves giving us a game with Chloe and Nadine from Uncharted 4 as the lead characters. This game will take place in an all new location and most likely provide us with another satisfying adventure. I don’t feel like I really need to say anymore, It’s more Uncharted. Get hyped!

There were a lot more amazing looking games at E3 2017 but these are just a few that I am personally looking forward to. Thanks for giving this a read and please stay tuned to whatever I end up writing in the future.



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